Date and Venue
23 - 26 November 2022

Ciudad del Este

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The creation of the 2022-2025 Regional Plan is a task in which we want all those who wish to join. There are many of us who are part of the Interamerican Scout Region. Regardless of the role we play in each of the 34 National Scout Organizations that comprise it, we are all called to contribute. Discover the process here and be part of it.

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As a result of the last Regional Summit, the NSOs made their commitments to the proposed objectives.

One of the key elements of the Regional Plan are the commitments from the NSOs, the members of the ISC and the Interamerican Support Centre, acquire to contribute to the fulfillment of its objectives.

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Watch the photos and live sessions at Facebook.


Review the Regional Plan Proposal. Download PDF here.


Read the Regional Commitments. Download PDF here.

2021-2024 World Triennial Plan

Learn about the details of the new 2021-2024 World Triennial Plan and the Strategic Priorities.


Youth Involvement

Scouting should give young people the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge empowering them to take an active part in the Movement and in their communities. Involvement, recognition and intergenerational exchange are key in providing a framework for our youth members.

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Educational Methods

The Youth Programme should provide a non- formal learning environment strengthening the capacity of young people to face the challenges of tomorrow. Scouting should attract, train and retain quality adult volunteers to deliver the Youth Programme.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Scouting should reflect the societies in which it exists and actively work to welcome all individuals without distinction. This diversity should not only be reflected in the membership, but also the methods and programmes used within the Movement.

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Social Impact

Every Scout should be involved in community service, and share their experience to inspire others. Through activities and projects, Scouts contribute to their communities and become leaders of positive change.

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Communications and Ext. Relations

Scouting's profile should accurately portray what we do and why we do it, reflecting our shared values. By using the most impactful methods of communication, and engaging in strategically relevant partnerships, Scouting should be recognized as the world’s leading youth movement.

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The governance of WOSM should be transparent, accountable, efficient and clearly linked to its overall strategy, focused on achieving the mission and vision of the Movement. The roles and responsibilities of the different levels in the organization should be clearly defined and understood, ensuring a customer-focused approach. In doing so we ensure high synergy across all levels of WOSM with a high "return on investment".

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