Join the Analysis and Evaluations

The Regional Plan will be the navigation chart of the region for the next period and this requires a deep analysis of the needs and realities of the countries that are part of the region. For this, your contributions in this diagnostic phase are essential, share with us your perceptions and comments using these 4 forms. Deadline: 14 October.

Evaluation of the current 2018-2021 Regional Plan

One of the important elements in the diagnostic phase for the formulation of the new Regional Plan is the evaluation of the impact that the previous Regional Plan has had on the NSOs of the Region. For this, your perception is very important since it gives us information on how it has reached all levels of the organization.

Please rate the level of impact that each objective has had for your National Scout Organization in the last 3 years from your own perception being:

  • 1 star: No impact, nothing changed in my NSO about it in the last 3 years.
  • 5 stars: A lot of impact, in the last 3 years significant changes have been made in my NSO.

Stakeholders Analysis

Following the methodology proposed in the video, please assign a score of 1 to 5 for the level of influence and a score of 1 to 5 for the level of power that each of the following Stakeholders has over our Interamerican Scout Region according to your criteria.

PESTEL Analysis

Taking into account the information provided in the video, please answer the questions below which seek to identify the external factors that positively or negatively impact our Interamerican Scout Region according to your criteria.

SWOT Analysis

As additional information, we want to ask you to contribute to the SWOT analysis by identifying those internal and external elements that impact our organization, taking into account that the Interamerican Region we are EVERYONE. Follow the information provided in the video and complete the following form.

Remember that Strengths and Weaknesses are Internal and Weaknesses and Threats are External.